Saturday, July 29, 2017

Palo Alto PA-220 Initial Hardware Setup

I recently had the opportunity to check out a Palo Alto Networks PA-220. Here is a breakdown of what shipped. I will have future blog posts to cover initial setup of the device.

PA-220 and accessories.

Cables and mounting hardware.
After un-boxing the firewall, you will notice on the back of the firewall an option to connect two power adapters. By default, the firewall only ships with a single power adapter. The documentation references connecting a second power adapter to a separate circuit in order to provide power redundancy. Connect Power to a PA-220 FirewallElectrical Specs

PA-220 back view of power inputs and grounding post. 

On the front side of the firewall from left to right you will notice Ethernet ports 1-8 (10/100/1000,) a copper MGT (management) port (RJ-45,) a copper CONSOLE port (RJ-45) a micro USB console port and USB port.

PA-220 front view.

You will also notice the ever important indicator lights, HA, STAT, ALM, TEMP, and PWR. Here is a link to the Palo Alto website for interpreting the indicator LEDs: Interpret the LEDs on a PA-220 Firewall

When connecting power for the first time the PWR light should turn green, after a few minutes the TEMP and STAT lights should turn on. Once the firewall is fully booted the STAT light will turn from amber to green. ** VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ** The entire boot process on a PA-220 is around 9 minutes from power on to the STAT LED turning green for initial configuration. 

In my next posts I will cover initial setup of the PA-220.


  1. Great You're Joyful

    I have got one myself since like 10 decades. I like it also, not modded as yours nevertheless.

    Currently it does not operate, it chokes when heat. Brought into a neigbour of mine and he'll find a deeper look at it.

    It seems just like some have had trouble working with the automated decompression valve, which do yours have this?

    Enjoy an excellent day!

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